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Sacred Space Mini Smudge Bundles

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Create sacred space with our floral White Sage Bundles. Use them to smudge your space and create beautiful, abundant energy.

White Sage is often used for purification rituals and for cleansing your space and people of negativity.

The bundles are blended with the luxurious and calming scent of lilac and the light and optimism of daisies. Lilacs are associated with protection and healing. Daisies are associated with the summer solstice and friendship.

Put them together with the banishing power of sage, and this bundle becomes a potent force for cleaning any space.

To use: Light them and waft them in the air of the area you want to “clean”. To cleanse people, waft the stick around their entire body.

Note: Use an abalone shell or firesafe dish to catch the ashes.

Caution: Flammable. Do not allow hot ashes to touch hair or clothing.

    Sacred Space Mini Smudge Bundles - EssenceTree