EssenceTree’s Superfood Bar Soaps

Collection: EssenceTree’s Superfood Bar Soaps

I created these artisanal soaps because there were no other in the market like them. Made with superfoods that support the healing process and beauty of our skin.

EssenceTree's soaps will turn your cleansing routine into a luxurious, full body makeover.

Choose us for Vibrant, Brighter Skin

Our Superfood Soaps are,

  • Vegan & Plant-Based

    100% Natural & Biodegradable.

  • Super Moisturizing

    Promotes Youthful Skin

  • Gentle for Face & Body

    Use everywhere!

  • Large Sized

    Soaps weigh between 5-6 ounces

5-star Client Love

  • EssenceTree's Turmeric Soap is my favorite! When I ran out and bought drug store soap, my skin started to look crepey. Now, I keep it on subscription.

    J. Cleveland
  • The Oshun Orange Rose Goddess soap is a MUST for my complexion. It keeps my 60-something skin looking youthful.

    D. Young
  • The hemp soap has been my everything! It's so moisturizing that I can even wash my hair with it.

  • I love that the Charcoal soap doesn't dry my skin out like the other brands.

    S. Jamison
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