Sacred Herbal Bath Salts

Collection: Sacred Herbal Bath Salts

Beyond Epsom Salt: Healing and Relaxation with EssenceTree's Bath Soaks

A candlelit bath is one of my favorite self-care practices. So I made sure to craft our Bath Soaks with an intentional blend of salts, flowers, herbs and essential oils. 

When you choose our Bath Soaks, your simple bath will become a powerful ritual of self-care and healing.

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    Use EssenceTree's Bath Salt Blends to

    • Enjoy Restful Sleep

    • Relieve sore muscles

    • Reduce stress & anxiety

    • Soothe skin conditions

    • Indulge in self-love 

    • Practice meditation

    How Do You Use Our Herbal Bath Salts?

    Add 2-3 scoops of our Bath Soak to a warm bath and soak for at least 25 minutes. Allow its therapeutic blend of salts, herbs and essential oils to relieve any stress, tension, or concern. I love to use this time for prayer and meditation, often adding candles and music. (You'll get the best downloads, so consider bringing a journal, too!)

    Note: Be sure to filter herbs when emptying tub.

    Happy Clients

    • I've never had anything like your Inner Peace Bath Salt. It has helped my psoriasis so much.

    • The Oshun Goddess Bath Blend has saved my life. It helps me feel luxurious and beautiful, even at my lowest moments.

    • As a maker who is constantly on her feet, I swear by the Harmonious Temple Mint Bath. I soak at night and feel brand new in tne morning.

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