Our EssenceTreeLife Program


Our EssenceTreeLife Subscription Program refills your orders automatically and ensures that you never run out of what you love.  I know that you desire your skin and hair to be healthy & glowing always. But, in between planning organic meals, working on that new book and strategizing your next power moves, there's little time leftover.  Now, we have made your life simpler. For under $20/month, your goals for beauty and serenity are handled by me. 


  • Never run out of your EssenceTree Essentials

  • Convenient Delivery every 30-90 days

  • Free Shipping

  • Exclusive access to Limited Edition Products & Sizes

  • Discounted Pricing, with no increases*

  • Bulk Sizes

  • Cancel at any time

To Remind Entrepreneurs of their Essence.

'Wellness is Wealth' was intentionally designed for the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs (RICE) by Charmaine Gibbs-West.

Focusing on the unique needs of their entrepreneurial community, this display recharges the mind, body and spirit of every person who visits.

It is,

  • Earth-friendly / Sustainable (Display reduces waste from single use plastics)
  • Health-focused (Each amenity is plant-powered with natural, immune boosting ingredients)
  • Empowering (Black woman owned and created)
  • Builds Confidence (Phase Two coming soon)

This Season's Theme is Inner Peace

To whom much is given, much is required. Because we deserve to feel that our dreams bring us peace, not anxiety. This collection is curated with calming products to soothe and replenish your skin & spirit. Trust that your visions WILL manifest.

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