Trial Subscription Program

Understood. I've adjusted the discount to reflect a 5% savings for the EssenceTree Subscription Program:


**EssenceTree Subscription Program**

**Common Queries**
1. **How can I set up a subscription?**
Subscribing to your favorite EssenceTree body care products is straightforward. When adding a product to your cart, choose the 'Subscribe & Save' option and set your preferred delivery frequency. You can also adjust subscription preferences during checkout.

For your convenience, we've set commonly preferred delivery intervals. However, the choice of how often you want your products is yours.

2. **Why should I subscribe?**
EssenceTree subscriptions provide a consistent and worry-free supply of your favorite body care products. Additionally, every subscription order gets a 5% discount off the regular price. If a product is on sale at a rate higher than 5%, you'll get the bigger discount. The discounts won't combine, ensuring you always get the best deal.

Need a pause? You can easily modify your subscription in your Account Dashboard.

3. **How can I oversee my deliveries?**
The EssenceTree subscription model offers complete flexibility. Join or leave at any time without any penalty.

To modify your subscription, simply log into and head to your 'Subscribe & Save' profile. Here, you can manage products, change the delivery frequency, or set the next order date.

Switching your delivery address or payment method? Choose from saved options or add a new one. Each subscription is tailored to your needs.

If you prefer a different shipping carrier for any subscription, you can set it. In case of constraints, we'll use the most suitable alternative. International orders always use UPS.

For support, drop us an email at We're always here to help!

4. **How will I know when my subscription package is dispatched?**
We'll send order confirmation and shipping notifications, ensuring you're always in the loop. Upcoming order dates are also viewable in your subscription profile.

5. **When do I get billed?**
Your account is automatically charged on the order processing date.

6. **What if I'm unprepared for a processed order?**
If your order hasn't been shipped yet, simply cancel it and the subscription via the Cancel Subscription form or in your Account Dashboard. We'll process a refund swiftly.

For shipped orders, get in touch with our Customer Experience Team at Together, we'll determine the best way forward.


**EssenceTree Subscription Policies**

This agreement ("Terms") stands between you and EssenceTree. Please note that website usage is also subject to our site's terms, including Privacy Policy. By choosing an EssenceTree subscription, you accept these terms.

- **Subscription Discount**
Avail a 5% discount on specific body care products with regular rebilling. Discounts might vary during major sales events, ensuring you always get the most significant discount.

- **Ending the Subscription**
End or adjust your EssenceTree subscriptions anytime via the Cancel Subscription form or through your Account Dashboard.

- **Other Restrictions**
We reserve decisions on subscription acceptance or cancellation. Transfers, assignments, or subscriptions intended for resale are not allowed. Only specific products are subscription-eligible.

- **Pricing & Renewal**
Subscription costs are given on the product page. In case of payment failures, promptly provide a new method, or your subscription will be canceled.

YOUR SUBSCRIPTION CONTINUES UNLESS YOU CANCEL IT. We'll deduct the appropriate fees using the saved payment method.

- **Modifying the Agreement**
We can amend these Terms as needed. Active subscribers will be notified of any changes.

- **Our Right to Terminate**
We can terminate subscriptions when required. If terminated post-charge but pre-shipment, a refund will be issued.

- **Product Returns**
All returns follow the Returns & Refunds Policy.

To Remind Entrepreneurs of their Essence.

'Wellness is Wealth' was intentionally designed for the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs (RICE) by Charmaine Gibbs-West.

Focusing on the unique needs of their entrepreneurial community, this display recharges the mind, body and spirit of every person who visits.

It is,

  • Earth-friendly / Sustainable (Display reduces waste from single use plastics)
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This Season's Theme is Inner Peace

To whom much is given, much is required. Because we deserve to feel that our dreams bring us peace, not anxiety. This collection is curated with calming products to soothe and replenish your skin & spirit. Trust that your visions WILL manifest.

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