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Your Path to Healthy Hair

This best seller is a core part of all of EssenceTree's hair care collections. Containing 30 essential oils as well as argan and castor oils, this awesome oil nourishes and protects all curly and dry hair types.

Trial applies to 2oz bottle.


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Dream Skin Cream for Dark Spots and Blemishes - EssenceTree

Dreamy Skin

Our advanced recipe for scars and blemishes. Super rich as a night cream, yet light enough for daytime use for dry skin. Created with an abundance of superfoods to restore skin and reduce the appearances of scars, blemishes and stretch marks.

Trial is for 1oz. size


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No More Problem Skin.

Created for my daughter, who as an infant suffered from severe eczema and food allergies, this nutrient-rich cream is nut, gluten and dairy-free. Its star ingredient is unrefined hemp oil. Naturally full of essential fatty acids, which research shows are beneficial to eczema. But not just for eczema, it's the perfect dry skin therapy.

Trial is for 2oz. size.


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Glow Like the Sun

Sat Ra means daughter of the sun and is a tribute to empowered women. The Sat Ra theme was created to inspire strength, leadership and confidence. All the while being effortlessly beautiful. Very alluring, clean blend of mango, pineapple, peaches... Use it for hair, skin & bath.

Trial is for 2oz. bottle.


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