• "My daughter's skin is much like mine, so it took a minute to find a moisturizer that worked on her — eliminating what gave her a rash, what left her ashy, what was too fancy for its own good. I found Sat Ra through my sister-in-law, who swears by the brand's Calendula Hemp Cream, which she uses on my niece who has eczema."

    Karen Good Marable for Allure Magazine

sat ra divine butter with turmeric and shea butter and aloe juice and coconut oil for dry skin

Feel the Love

One of our first creations, Sat Ra literally means "Daughter of the Sun" and was the title given to women pharaohs of ancient Kemet (Egypt).

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calendula hemp cream for dry skin, eczema, non-cbd. gluten-free cream, plant-based, non-gmo, clean beauty, nut-free

Body Butter Bliss

Created for my daughter, who as an infant suffered from severe eczema and food allergies, this nutrient-rich cream is nut, gluten and dairy-free. Its star ingredient is unrefined hemp oil. Naturally full of essential fatty acids, which research shows are beneficial to eczema. But not just for eczema, it's the perfect dry skin therapy.

Calendula Hemp Body butter