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Amor Love Oil

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An EssenceTree original for both love and anti-aging! For body, bath, hair and spirit, the Amor Love Oil is an exquisite jasmine-infused oil that will nurture your skin and spirit with essential oils of rose, bergamot, vanilla, cinnamon, sandalwood and myrrh.

    Key Nutrients & Benefits

    Originally created as a couples massage oil for Valentines’ Day, the Amor Love oil has become a favorite of all who sample it. 

    Used as a therapeutic massage oil, anti-aging skin and bath oil and hair restorer, its potent ingredients are known for their abilities to enhance and heal both the physical body and the heart. They counteract aging and inspire feelings of love, self-appreciation and spiritual connection. 


    For massage and skin moisturizing: Best applied to moist skin. 

    For Hair: Use small amount for shine and counteracting dryness. 

    For Bath: Add 1-2 Tablespoons for a decadent, anti-aging moisturizing soak.


    virgin olive and sunflower oils, fragrance, evening primrose oil, essential oils of bergamot, rose, myrrh, sandalwood, ginger, clove and vanilla, Vitamin E, organically grown jasmine and rose flowers, organic cinnamon, rosemary oleoresin extract

    Image of Amor Love Oil bottle Image of Amor Love Oil ingredients

    Why the Amor Love Oil?

    Vegan & Nutrient-Rich

    Gluten-Free. Achieve your glow with plant-based oils, antioxidants & herbs.

    Consciously Crafted

    Amor Love is infused with the energy of love. Use it to smell & feel alluring. Handmade.

    Multi-tasking & Inclusive

    Use for hair, skin, bath and massage. Loved by all.


    Tested on humans. Never animals.


    My partner went over to Nashville, and she found your Amor oil, which she brought back. It's the nicest oil l have smelt and it so suits my body. Thank you! Warm wishes from rainy England


    I came across Amor Love Oil in Nashville at a Whole Foods and fell in love with the scent and nourishment for my skin. I get so many compliments on the scent! It’s great for keeping staticky hair under control, too.

    A. Keller

    I met Charmaine Gibbs at a Womans retreat in Atlanta while on vacation from California. I purchased this product and have enjoyed every ounce of it.

    J. Lacey

    So happy I found you all online. I typically pick up these items at Sevananda. But with the pandemic, it's been a little tricky. Your products are fresh and as beautiful as a kiss to the skin.

    D. Summerlin

    You are all awesome. Thank you for all you do to bring love and loveliness to our world.

    H. Davis

    Return- I love love love your products!!!!

    S. Willis

    Amor Oil FAQs

    Is there magic in this bottle?

    Yes! It is made with loving intent and a beautiful blend of love-enhancing oils.

    Is this for Men, too?

    All of our products are holistic and unisex (it just depends on your fragrance preferences).

    Will this grow my hair?

    Our Whole Body Oils are made with nutrients that will moisturize and condition both your skin and hair. For that reason, it definitely helps with length retention.

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