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Divine Face :: 4-piece Fresh-Faced Collection (Large Size)

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100% pure. These full-sized therapies are gentle and effective. Handcrafted with the best botanicals.

Standard Contents:
- 4 oz. Organic Lavender Tea Tree Face Wash
- 4 oz. Harmonious Temple Organic Mint Sugar Scrub for Face and Body
- 4 oz. Neroli Toner
- 1 oz. Youth Serum Face Oil

Substitutions will be made based on your specific skin needs. Alternate products include,

  • Turmeric Glow Face Mask, 1 oz (Sensitive skin, Hyperpigmentation)

  • Dream Skin Cream for Dark Spots and Blemishes, 1 oz. (Dry skin, Hyperpigmentation)

  • Calendula Hemp Face & Body Serum Oil, 1 oz. (Acne & Oily)

  • Turmeric Sea Buckthorn Superfood Soap Bar (Hyperpigmentation Upgrade)

    Divine Face :: 4-piece Fresh-Faced Collection (Large Size) - EssenceTree