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Dream Skin Cream for Dark Spots and Blemishes

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Our advanced recipe for scars and blemishes. Super rich as a night cream, yet light enough for daytime use for dry skin. Created with an abundance of superfoods to restore skin and reduce the appearances of scars, blemishes and stretch marks.

    Key Nutrients & Benefits

    This cream contains healing chamomile flower water, Vitamins C, A, B3, & E as well as daisy, licorice and mulberry extracts.

    Soothing aloe juice, organically grown shea butter and restorative plant oils such as tamanu (foraha), sea buckthorn and evening primrose further complete the base of this recipe.

    Essential oils such as neroli, frankincense and carrot seed heal and repair skin at the cellular level.


    For best results, apply sparingly to clean skin twice daily, or as often as needed.

    Results vary and may take up to 8 weeks.

    Tip: Apply to all areas of the body where you'd like glowing, more even-toned skin.


    organic shea butter, witch hazel, argan, olive, sunflower, pumpkin seed, and rice oils, chamomile hydrosol, aloe juice, rose water, niacinimide (Vitamin B3), sodium lactate, optiphen (paraben-free preservative), organic herbal blend (chamomile, calendula, lady's mantle, marshmallow, lavender, comfrey, jasmine and rose), extracts of daisy, green tea, licorice, mulberry, pumpkin seed and caffeine, evening primrose oil, tamanu and sea buckthorn oils, Vitamins C & E, essential oils of chamomile, lavender, neroli, frankincense, bergamot, sandalwood, geranium, cedarwood, rosewood, patchouli, carrot seed and fennel, rosemary oleoresin extract. 

    Dream Skin Cream for Dark Spots and Blemishes - EssenceTree
    Dream Skin Cream for Dark Spots and Blemishes
    Dream Skin Cream for Dark Spots and Blemishes
    Dream Skin Cream for Dark Spots and Blemishes
    Dream Skin Cream for Dark Spots and Blemishes

    Why the Dream Skin Cream?

    • Vegan & Nutrient-Rich

      Gluten-Free. Achieve youthful, even skin with plant-based oils, antioxidants & herbs.

    • Multi-tasking & Inclusive

      Supremely moisturizes & brightens face, eye, décolleté, strech marks. Great for entire body.

    • Consciously Crafted

      Erases dark spots naturally. Handmade with love, healing ingredients and intent.

    • Cruelty-Free

      Tested on humans. Never animals.

    Dream Skin Cream FAQs

    Will this really lighten my skin?

    Our products for discoloration are drug-free. This cream will naturally support brighter and more even-toned skin based on a blend of powerful superfoods.

    Can I use this on my entire body?

    Yes. Anywhere you'd like to create even skin. One of my favorite secrets are to use the Dream Skin cream on my entire body. It gives my skin a perfect velvety texture and radiant glow.

    How long does it take to see results?

    Our products are drug-free and do not claim to cure a skin disease. That said, you will instantly notice a healthier appearance when using our cream. For stubborn spots, allow up to 12 weeks and use in conjunction with our other facial products for discoloration (Turmeric Glow Mask, etc.)

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