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Elevate Wellness - Diffuser Blend

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Our Elevate Wellness Aids are 100% plant-based and designed to help protect and uplift your family's health.

The diffuser blend is a beautifully scented, non-toxic sanitizing product formulated with 10 essential oils known to have powerful germ-fighting and immune boosting properties.* 

Get cleaner, fresher air for

  • Germ-fighting during cold and flu season
  • Everyday fresh, spa scent in your home
  • Reducing pet odors
  • Reducing Smoke and unwanted food smells
  • Reducing all other undesired scents

You will love its acclaimed fresh, spa aroma!

Elevate Diffuser Blend, 1 oz *Up to 100 uses

Instructions & Precautions

Elevate Diffuser Blend:

Directions: Add approximately 6 drops to water-based diffusers that are intended for essential oil use. (Use less for mini diffusers)

Warning: Not intended to prevent or cure illness. Use only as directed. Contains undiluted essential oils. Handle with care. Keep away from children, eyes, skin and furnishings. Not intended for internal use. Wash hands after use.


Elevate 3-in-1 Sanitizer for Air, Hands and Surfaces

Directions: Spritz hands 1-2 times with mixture. Rub mixture over hands and fingers until dry. Supervise children under the age of 6

To Freshen Air:
Shake bottle and spray mist in the area (Avoid spraying near face & eyes)

To Sanitize: Spray directly onto surface or cloth, wipe surface clean

To sanitize battery-operated / electrical devices (phones, tv remotes):
First Spray on clean dry cloth, before wiping object clean

- For handwashing to decrease bacteria on skin
- Recommended for repeated use
- To Freshen and Deodorize Air

- For external use only
- Flammable, keep away from fire or flame
* Use only as directed. 
* Do not use in or near eyes. In case of contact, rinse
eyes thoroughly with water
* Not for use on food utensils.
* Test delicate fabrics/surfaces before use
* Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get
medical help or contact a Poison Center right away

Other Information
- Protect the product from excessive heat and direct sun
- Store at room temperature

*The statement "viral-fighting" is not supported by the FDA. In research studies published in NCBI/PubMed, several essential oils were shown to demonstrate antimicrobial activity against viruses, bacteria and fungus, such as herpes, etc.

Active Ingredients

Elevate Diffuser Blend:

Contains undiluted essential oils (no synthetic fragrances):  ravintsara, thyme, tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, bergamot, lemongrass, orange and litsea cubeba


Elevate 3-in-1 Sanitizer for Air, Hands and Surfaces:


Active Ingredient:
Ethyl Alcohol, Ethy Alcohol, 70% (Antibacterial)*

May contain Hydrogen Peroxide, 0.5%*
* The CDC's optimal ingredients and amounts for sanitizing & disinfecting surfaces

Inactive Ingredients
aloe vera leaf juice, distilled water, essential oils of ravintsara, thyme, tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, bergamot, lemongrass, orange and litsea cubeba


Ritual: I love essential oils. I created this purifying blend in 2020 during Covid. Since this, it has been a hit in my home and many others. I love that it's both powerful and has such a beautiful, uplifting scent.

For best results: Use everyday during the cold and flu season as well as allergy season. I also use when I have guests. I use a "large room" diffuser in my home's main area and standard sized ones in our bathrooms and bedrooms. I turn on my ceiling fans to help disperse the scent. Note: When using Be sure to turn fans counterclockwise in the winter to preserve heat.

    Elevate Wellness  - Diffuser Blend
    Elevate Wellness  - Diffuser Blend
    Elevate Wellness  - Diffuser Blend
    Elevate Wellness  - Diffuser Blend

    Why Use Our Elevate Blends?

    • Toxin-Free

      NO: carcinogens, VOC's, parabens, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, petroleum, mineral oil.

    • Plant-based

      Plant-powered with pure essential oils. Vegan & Gluten Free

    • Promotes Health

      Contains powerful immune boosting and antimicrobial (germ fighting) extracts.

    I get the sanitizers for my whole family. We definitely need help during cold and flu season. Everyone loves the smell. I am so happy there's now a diffuser blend. My home smells amazing! Get this. You will be so happy you did.

    – S. Leonard.