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Turmeric + Sea Buckthorn Soap with Lavender Essential Oils

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Claim your Inner Peace and Outer Glow. The Turmeric + Sea Buckthorn soap is our Best Seller for Dark Spots & Blemishes. Pus, its lavender scent will soothe anxiety and provide a calming, spa experience. 

Let’s even up that skin tone! Made with THREE superfoods: golden turmeric, rose hip oil and sea buckthorn berry. These 3 powerhouses, high in Vitamin C, will transform your skin, helping to fade dark spots and blemishes, loving your skin back to health. Lightly scented with lavender oil, it’s my go-to bar for my face. Perfect for all skin types, including children and sensitive skin.

Plant-based + Vegan + Gluten free + NO synthetics + NO detergents

Important: We recommend using a soap saver to keep soap dry between use. This will help soap to last longer. Plant-based soaps are softer than commercial, detergent soaps.

**Large Soaps weigh between 5 - 6.5 ounces
**Medium Soaps weigh between 4 - 4.9 ounces

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Key Nutrients & Benefits

Associated Rituals: Erasing dark spots and blemishes. Use with Dream skin cream and all face products

Our soaps are handcrafted with superfoods such as organic turmeric, organic shea and cocoa butters, organic babassu and coconut oils, unrefined hemp oil and sustainable palm oil.

Plant-based + Vegan + Gluten free + NO synthetics + NO detergents


All Soaps are safe for use on your face and entire body.

** A complimentary biodegradable soap saver is included with orders of 2 or more soaps (1 soap saver per order)

Care: Allow soaps to dry on a soap saver or shower rack between use. They should not sit in water.

Turmeric + Sea Buckthorn Superfood Soap *For Discoloration and Blemishes* - EssenceTree

Why the Turmeric + Sea Buckthorn Soap?

  • Vegan & Nutrient-Rich

    Gluten-Free. Achieve bright, even-toned skin with turmeric, plant-based oils and antioxidants.

  • Consciously Crafted

    Erases dark spots with superfoods. Handmade with love, healing ingredients and intent.

  • Multi-tasking & Inclusive

    Supremely clears & brightens skin. Great for sensitive skin & entire body.

  • Cruelty-Free

    Tested on humans. Never animals


The secret to great looking skin. I use this and the tumeric mask. Great for dark spots and blemishes.

C. Brady

The turmeric soap is great for so many things. It has an antibacterial element that refreshes while it cleans. It works extremely well for those with sensitive skin especially since there is no irritation. As if those attributes are not enough, it is also very soothing. It is a superfood indeed as it replenishes both internally and externally.

A. Warner

Hands down, this is my favorite soap of all time. My face LOVES it.

J. C.

My favorite soap!! So glad I was able to preorder. Wish it stayed in stock. I use the Orange Rose soap when it's out of stock. Love that too, but Turmeric is my #1.

U. Chapman

Keeps my face looking clear and clean. Great for sensitive skin!!

C. Annette

Turmeric + Sea Buckthorn Soap FAQs

Will this really lighten my skin?

Our products for discoloration are drug-free. This soap will naturally support brighter and more even-toned skin based on a blend of powerful superfoods.

Can I use this on my entire body?

Yes. Our soaps are carefully made to use on your face, body and bits ;-)

How long does it take to see results?

Our products are drug-free and do not claim to cure a skin disease. That said, you will instantly notice a brighter complexion when using our soaps. For stubborn spots, allow up to 8 weeks and use in conjunction with our other facial products for discoloration (Turmeric Glow Mask, etc.)

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