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Sat Ra Divine Body Oil

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Sat Ra means daughter of the sun and is a tribute to empowered women. The Sat Ra theme was created to inspire strength, leadership and confidence. All the while being effortlessly beautiful. Very alluring, clean blend of mango, pineapple, peaches... Use it for hair, skin & bath.

    Key Nutrients & Benefits

    This powerful blend consists of EssenceTree's signature base of nourishing, moisturizing plant oils: olive, sunflower, evening primrose, and vitamin E.

    Bay leaves can help to make skin evenly toned and eradicate hyperpigmentation on skin.

    Calendula soothes and heals.

    Chrysanthemum helps to clear up skin irritation, redness, and chronic conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. It also helps to generally reduce the signs of aging, as well as wrinkles and blemishes, thanks to the antioxidant content of the flowers.


    The beautiful oil form of our beloved Sat Ra butter.  Sat Ra or 'daughter of the Sun' and was the term given to the women pharaohs of ancient Egypt. It is one of the very first scents I created. And is still my favorite scent when I want to stand in my power, i.e., presentations and business meetings. I love its essence.

    For massage and skin moisturizing: Best applied to moist skin. 

    For Hair: Use small amount for shine and counteracting dryness. 

    For Bath: Add 1-2 Tablespoons for a decadent, anti-aging moisturizing soak.


    virgin olive and sunflower oils, fragrance, evening primrose oil, Vitamin E, rosemary oleoresin extract, organic bay leaves, chrysanthemum and calendula.

    Sat Ra Divine Body Oil
    Sat Ra Divine Body Oil - EssenceTree
    Sat Ra Divine Body Oil
    Sat Ra Divine Body Oil
    Sat Ra Divine Body Oil
    Sat Ra Divine Body Oil - EssenceTree
    Sat Ra Divine Body Oil

    Why the Sat Ra Divine Oil?

    • Vegan & Nutrient-Rich

      Gluten-Free. Achieve your glow with plant-based oils, antioxidants & herbs.

    • Consciously Crafted

      Sat Ra is infused with the energy of power. Use it to smell & feel unstoppable. Handmade.

    • Multi-tasking & Inclusive

      Moisture for hair, body and bath. Loved by All.

    • Cruelty-Free

      Tested on humans. Never animals.

    5-Star Testimonials

    Best Skin Care Oil I've Ever Used! I'm Back Again For A Third Time!

    D. Jones

    I received the Sat Ra oil as a gift. It‚ was magical. Thank you intuiting the formula. I am now ordering a birthday gift for my girlfriend

    Y. Flemming

    I inherited half a bottle from my mentor and instantly fell in love! It makes me feel calm and secure in my skin, and just the right amount of delicious!

    M. Loyer

    I was gifted a bottle of your oil by a friend in Atlanta and i fell in love immediately!

    L. Harden

    I discovered your products at the African Street Festival in Nashville many years ago. I fell in love with them and buy every chance I get.

    L. Webb

    Sat Ra Oil FAQs

    Is this for Men, too?

    Yes. Don't let the name fool you. Of all of our whole body oils, the Sat Ra Oil is widely embraced by men.

    Can I use this on my face?

    While some clients happily use this on their faces, Sat Ra is a body and hair oil. We recommend our face line for your face care needs.

    Will this grow my hair?

    Our Whole Body Oils are made with nutrients that will moisturize and condition both your skin and hair. For that reason, it definitely helps with length retention.

    Does this contain fragrance oil?

    Yes. The Sat Ra scent is made with a safe blend of fragrance oils. We seek pthalate-free fragrances.

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